My experience as a fellow in IGHUB fellowship: week 2&3

With lots of joy in my heart of the things I learnt during the first week of this program , I looked forward to what the second week holds for me. Weekends suddenly became long and finally the second week was here.

It started with pep-talks at the front end web development track, there we had Holger steinhaver talk to us on how to be a good font end developer. It was brought to my understanding that writing codes isn’t just enough as a developer, knowing the language I’m coding with and why it’s being used at any point is very important. Going out to network and getting feedback will help me know how people view me and that will help improve me.

HTML(hypertext markup language) is the building block of a website and that is exactly where we started our font end developer building from. we spent the whole week learning about HTML elements and tags. Each class ended with a task to test our ability in understanding the knowledge being passed down to us.

I cloned facebook landing page (ONE OF MY TASK)

Yes, Mr steve is doing a wonderful job in transforming us. I must commend his effort and that of crew (font end dev mentors). You people are amazing.

Cascading style sheets popularly known as CSS was our 3rd week topic. CSS is use to style our html codes. we have the inline,internal and external. I learnt how to style most of my html codes with css. As usual lots of task was given to text us our understanding of css.

yes, i designed this, though its not an excellent job.

what thrills me most is how my tutor and mentors go through each and every of our code on github just to make sure we are carried along. You people are our Miracle.

During this 3rd week a new channel called “frontend_dev2 was created and not all members of the track were moved. Only 31 out 82 of us made it to stage 2. These 31 are those who attended classes and carried out most of the task .Thank God i made it to stage two.

You can’t talk about IGHUB fellowship 4 without talking about team,collaboration and communication like wise i can’t talk about my experience without mentioning my new friends. Yes, we are collaborating and communicating. Mercy kalu, Mariam saka and mentor John thanks for all the assistance i got from you people during the last task for the week. I’ m grateful.

You see, it was not an easy week. Meeting up with task submission deadline , morning session class ,night sessions and network connectivity makes the program so demanding ,but then it worth it.




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